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Million Tinkle

Most popular precious metal investment platform - 10 years providing customer-orientated and superior services

Gold has always been a popular investment product as a store of value. In an era of rapid development, precious metal trading business is also expected to keep up with pace. By integrating online brokerage business, software R&D and market elites, MTI has become a forerunner of internet brokers.

As we celebrated our 10th anniversary this year, we continued to operate primarily in Hong Kong while endeavoring to expand business in Southeast Asian areas. We also worked to promote the public good, as we title sponsored the 2018 Gold and Silver Exchange·World Men Bowling Championship, in an effort to stimulate sport development in Hong Kong.

(Mr. Johnny Cheung, CEO of MTI)

The upgraded and instant online transaction system

There is an old Chinese saying, “To do something properly, the preparations and tools are essential.” As CEO Johnny Cheung believes we should provide customers with advanced transaction tool, we have put great efforts into upgrading our online transaction system. “In online commodity trading, the capital deposit and withdrawal processes are of vital importance. We want our system to be clear, fast, and easy to use. To this end, we have invested a lot to improve our transaction system, so that it can always stay stable and provide convenient services even during the busiest periods.” Thanks to the efficient and convenient online system, our business network is able to cover the whole world and assist clients in online trading comprehensively. Wherever they may be, customers can always keep abreast of the newest market information, and make investment decisions instantly.

In addition, we have always stayed customer-oriented. While making every decision, our employees always think about the clients first. We work to meet the needs of all customers in financial investment through superior services, and help them grasp investment opportunities in an ever-changing environment.

(MTI attaches great importance to staff service attitude. We want our employees to be honest, professional and proactive, so that they can meet customer demand timely.)

Aaron Kwok became our spokesperson, which helps enhance customers’ trust

We have also stepped up efforts in the marketing aspect. In early 2018, we signed singer Aaron Kwok as our spokesperson, in an effort to not only enhance customers’ trust but also elevate our brand status and become an international brand. “By signing a renowned spokesperson, we aim at improving our brand image comprehensively. We hope to provide more customers with quality services, and also give back to society,” said CEO Johnny Cheung.

With the company’s steady development in Hong Kong and great market share in Mainland, MTI will pay attention to expanding Southeast Asian markets in the next 2 years, including Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, revealed Mr. Cheung. The company will also extend its business into securities, future goods, financing and asset management, in order to offer customers more and better investment options. Mr. Cheung believes that the award, which acknowledged our achievements, helps boost staff morale and will motivate every employee to work even harder for better services in the future.

(Spokesperson Aaron Kwok at the MTI 10 year anniversary dinner party, holding a souvenir number “10” made by gold bar and grains)

Title sponsored World Men Bowling Championship

In addition to business development, we are also enthusiastic about the public interest. By sponsoring the 2018 Gold and Silver Exchange·World Men Bowling Championship, we wanted to give back to the society, give more sport lovers opportunities to participate, and introduce Hong Kong to foreign athletes. Supported by the World Bowling Association, the quadrennial event was hosted by the Hong Kong Tenpin Bowling Congress this year. Hong Kong, as a first-time host, welcomed over 300 athletes and 240 teams from 50 countries or regions in Europe, America and Asia. Mr. Cheung wished the Hong Kong team, which he believed was world class, best results in the championship.

(MTI CEO Johnny Cheung (first left), MTI General Manager Alfred Wu (first right), President of World Bowling Association Sheikh Talal Mohammad AI-Sabah (second left), President of Hong Kong Tenpin Bowling Congress Zhangzhu Liu (third left), Chairman of CGSE Haywood Cheung (second right), with the Hong Kong Bowling Team.)

Recipient of the 11th TVB Weekly Most Popular Brand Award

Price predictions on trading platform

Customers can click the gold or silver prices on the platform and select quantities. Once confirmed, the deal is conducted right away. It is also possible to make future price predictions, conduct different technical analysis and measurements on the platform. Customers can preset reminders so that they won’t miss out on important transactions.


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