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Million Tinkle

MTI 10th anniversary dinner party - build our brilliant future together

On April 8th, 2018, the grand MTI 10th anniversary dinner party was held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong. Under the theme of “10 years of glory and feelings”, the dinner was held at an exquisite banquet hall. The venue was equipped with a special spokesperson photo area, so that guests had the opportunity to take photographs with music icon Aaron Kowk. The guests entered the party all dressed up, wishing MTI another successful year. After a fruitful year, MTI looks forward to walking side by side with partners and achieving more extraordinary results in the future.

At the dinner, MTI CEO Johnny Cheung shared with guests the achievements over the past 10 years and future expectations. Making a toast to attendees, he thanked the industry for continuous trust and support, and expressed excitement for kicking off a new year.

CGSE president Dr. Haywood Cheung subsequently delivered a speech, wishing WTI a better future. Addressing the ceremony, he wished WTI would help enhance the competitiveness of regional gold industrial chain, and stimulate the trading development between Mainland China and Hong Kong.

MTI spokesperson Aaron Kwok subsequently came on stage to watch the promo with guests, and shared his thoughts on representing MTI. The opening ceremony of 2018 CGSE·Million Tinkle Mens Bowling Championship was subsequently launched, as everyone witnessed MTI’s progress together. In sponsoring the event, MTI also wishes to promote sporting spirit.

In addition, MTI surprised the guests by inviting several celebrities to the dinner, including a South Korean girl group and the famous singer William So. Their singing and dancing received rounds of applause from the audiences, creating the perfect atmosphere. MTI workers teamed up and sang the songs The Love of the Same Boat and Friends together, further helping guests get into the spirit of party. Accompanied by the live band music in the background, all the guests congratulated MTI on the achievements over the past 10 years and expressed their best wishes.

In addition to the delicious food and exciting performances, there were also fun games and lucky draw session at the party. The guests participated actively, excited to win the fun prizes.

In the new year, MTI will continue moving forward and strive to be the leader of online financial services industry. MTI will keep up improving the quality of products and services, so that it can better meet customers’ needs with the ultimate trading experience and create a win-win situation.


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