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Million Tinkle

Based on the concept of “customer-oriented and time-advanced”, in the past few years, the business of MTI (company registration number: 1134735) has steadily expanded with the increasing number of customers. We understand that we must provide the best service to meet every customer's needs. Therefore, we provide spot gold, silver investment transactions, spot gold bars delivery and other services comprehensively. MTI has extremely stringent requirements for the integrity, professionalism, efficiency, and foresight of staff at all levels. This is the only way that we can maintain our long-term advantage and competitiveness, and assist all our customers in grasping the investment opportunities in a rapidly changing market.

Through the continuous improvement of software R&D and market development elites, MTI has completed electronic transaction brokers and has become a pioneer of network brokers. MTI thoroughly reforms the current state of the investment market by providing convenient and efficient online trading systems and global online trading services. In order to allow customers to enjoy superior and convenient trading tools at the lowest cost, we are committed to constantly improving trading system technology and backup management services for high-quality trading systems. Our efforts on human-oriented trading platform, all-day market information, and friendly and efficient service guarantee our long-term services for customers, and we have also created bright and proud performance. In addition, we have global major OTC electronic transaction networking accounts. We are a global electronic trading participant of the OTC network and fully support our customers’ electronic transactions to acquire timely market information no matter where they are located and make investment decisions instantly.

This company is the only designated agent of MT GOLD Co., Ltd.. MT GOLD Co., Ltd. is a registered gold and silver trader of Hong Kong Gold & Silver Exchange (CGSE) and is supervised by the Hong Kong Gold and Silver Industry Trade Center. As a registered dealer in the Hong Kong Gold & Silver Exchange (dealer number: 136, AA, QH), MT GOLD Co., Ltd. must always maintain the highest standards, and obey the policies of Hong Kong Gold and Silver Industry Exchange (CGSE) policy and regulations of financial report system and cannot conduct any actions that may harm the interests of clients


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