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Million Tinkle

MTI successfully held signing ceremony of international image spokesperson

In January 2018, the grand signing ceremony of Mr. Aaron Kwok, one of the “4 kings of Hong Kong music”, as MTI’s international spokesperson was held in Hong Kong. The ceremony was attended by MTI CEO Mr. Johnny Cheung, general manager Mr. Alfred Wu, and dozens of media, who witnessed the new beginning of MTI and the famous singer together.

At the event, Mr. Kwok stated that through the cooperation, which he regarded as a great honor, he expected to help open up new ways of wealth building with MTI. “Becoming MTI’s spokesperson is more than just a coincidence; it comes from trust”, said Mr. Kwok when asked why he chose MTI over multiple companies. We have reasons to believe that, with Mr. Kwok’s support, MTI is ready to win the trust of more customers.

In the future, MTI will progress together with Mr. Kwok, whose endorsement will help elevate our brand status and enhance customer’s trust in the company. With strong motivation, MTI will also be able to provide quality services for more customers, thus becoming a leader in the precious metal investment market.


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