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Million Tinkle

Leading Instant online trading system of gold derivatives
Good traders know that stability and convenience are the two major factors in the trading system platform. Even though during the busiest period, MTI’s platform can remain stable and provide the most convenient trading services.
Superior and efficient market resource
As a world-class online gold trading platform, MTI trading platform provides customers a wide range of market resources and improves transaction efficiency, leading institutional investors and individual customers into the vast gold and trading market.
Accurate and Convenient trading methods
Customers just need to click Quotes of buying of selling currencies or gold and silver, and select the quantity on the market order. Once confirmed, customers can execute the transaction instantly. At the same time, it is also possible to make future price predictions for currencies or gold and silver on the platform and pre-set prompts so that customers will not miss out on every important transaction.
Stable digital market price
MTI provides all customers with the most competitive buying and selling price differences, so that customer can enjoy the lowest execution transaction costs regardless of the size of the position. It is also possible to make various technical analysis and measurement of gold, charts and volatility through the trading platform to grasp the future trend of the exchange rate and simulate various trading situations.
Automatic calculation methods
Leverage: customers must maintain a minimum percentage of margin for each open position. The trading platform of MTI automatically calculates the maintenance margins required for the current position and can be used as a margin for opening new positions.
Detailed emergency plans
MTI has advanced backup systems and detailed emergency plans to reduce the possibility of problems. If there is a problem with the server, all transaction records including closed orders, positions, orders, stop-loss orders, limit orders and historical transaction records will be stored in the backup system.
Personalized risk management
Personalized risk management: when the price reaches the pre-set stop-loss price, the stop-loss order will be automatically executed and the effective risk management can be achieved under normal market conditions. When the market price moves in favor of the customer, the trailing stop-loss order will automatically adjust the stop-loss price. It is convenient for customers to lock in profits if they fail to keep abreast of the market.
Personalized and instant Platform settings

Multiple personalized settings: the system of MTI allows customers to set up trading platforms based on their personal preferences.Check the account activities instantly: All account information is updated instantly. Customers can instantly check the current status and transaction history of account transaction completely.
Strong emergency trading system
The use of the most advanced encryption trading system to identify the identity of the registrant, and ensure the confidentiality of all online transaction records and customer data through the most strict firewall protection.


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