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Million Tinkle


  Mr. Zhang Jiewei, a well-known entrepreneur and financial expert in Hong Kong. In 1973, he began to participate in the development of the financial industry. He worked in foreign securities investment companies in the early days. In 1977, he moved to an international banking interbank brokerage company and served as a general manager and other management positions. Then started business in 1991 and became the founder of Tongsheng Securities Co., Ltd.

  Mr. CHEUNG is an entrepreneurial entrepreneur and a senior professional financial officer. He is also very experienced in China’s financial market. He has been in Shanghai from 2003 to 2006 as the chief representative of Tullet Prebon Ltd, the third largest foreign exchange company in the world. He successfully established Shanghai Guoli Currency Brokers, a Sino-foreign joint venture company, with Shanghai International Investment Co., Ltd., and successfully applied to the Chinese government for the first a business license of Sino-foreign joint venture operating business of Chinese bank interbank brokers. Mr. CHEUNG is the forerunner of the internationalization of the Chinese currency industry.


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