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Definition and processing method of abnormal transaction

Since abnormal transaction occupies a large amount of network resources, it will not only affect the stability and efficiency of the normal trading system, but will also hinder the normal trading of investors. In order to protect the fairness of online transactions and the rights of normal investors, the company will limit abnormal trading behavior. Orders for transactions made by customers using plug-in software (ie, any third-party ancillary software not issued by the company) will be canceled. In addition, the company also resolutely cracks down on any transaction using of the operating platform vulnerabilities, network delays, network failures, quote errors or trading behavior under the quotation system vulnerabilities.

(a) Definition of abnormal transaction:

1. Use multiple computers in the same account / The same customer uses multiple accounts to conduct abnormal “intensive transactions” in an attempt to create misleading information on huge turnover in the market.

2. Customers directly or indirectly use any computer plug-in software or damage tools that are not released by the company.

3. The same account conducts abnormal “intensive transactions” within a short period.

4. The trading lots of the same account has undergone an abnormal change and abnormal “intensive trading” has been performed in a short period.

5. In addition to the above definitions, if a suspected abnormal trading account is discovered, the company may also conduct further review and include it in the frozen list. The company reserves the final interpretation rights.

(b) Processing methods of abnormal transactions

1. Abnormal Transaction customers - the trading accounts that are initially defined as abnormal trading accounts by company's electronic trading system will be frozen. The trading account will not be able to trade and access funds, as a 1-2 month investigation is conducted. After the investigation, if it is confirmed that there is an abnormal transaction, the customer must apply for cancellation within 15 days. After the completion of the cancellation, the company will reimburse the remaining amount of the account (excluding any profits generated by the abnormal transaction).

2. Referring to the abnormal customer's franchisee - If the system initially determines that the franchisee has abnormal trading conditions, the service fee (including the on-line introducer) generated by the customer will be frozen until the investigation is completed. If the survey does have relevant conditions, the service fee generated by the abnormal account will not be issued, and the service fee previously issued will be reserved. In severe cases, the agent will be disqualified directly.

3. If the company in the abnormal trading account deducts the mandatory liquidation loss resulting from the cost incurred in the abnormal transaction, the customer shall be responsible for the losses.

The company has the right to freeze the accounts of suspected abnormal transactions until the audit is completed. After the relevant account is frozen, any funds will be suspended instantly and no transaction will be allowed until the review process is completed. All expenses and profits arising from abnormal trading will not be issued without notice.

** MTI reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions, and is subject to change without notice.

Risk Disclosure

Precious metal margin trading is a high-risk investment in all investment vehicles. It has large profits and risks and is not applicable to all investors. The use of a high proportion of financing to carry out margin operations has both advantages and disadvantages for traders. Therefore, before you decide to invest in margin, you must carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and tolerance of risks in conducting precious metals. In margin trading, you may lose or invest in the principal. Therefore, do not use funds that you cannot afford as precious metal margin investment.

Internet trading risk

Network trading systems carry certain risks, including but not limited to other unexpected situations such as hardware failures, software failures, and network system connection problems. Because MTI cannot control the strength of the connection signal, the router lines you receive and the configuration of your computer equipment or the reliability of of its network connection, the company will not be responsible for communication failures, miscommunication, or delay in communications in network transactions. MTI has a complete back-up system and emergency plans to minimize the possibility of system failure.

Data accuracy risk

The contents of the website are for traders' personal investment references only, and any changes will not be notified. MTI is committed to ensuring the accuracy of the information on the website, but it cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information. We are not responsible for any direct or indirect loss or damage due to the failure of the data or log-in to the website, information transmission errors or delays (including the receipt of orders and notices).

MTI Market Commentary Risk

Any comment, news, research, analysis, price, and other information published in this website can be regarded as general market information only and are for references only and cannot be regarded as investment advice. MTI will not be responsible for any direct of indirect loss or destruction caused by the investment decision made based on these data.

The trader should promise that he/ she is over 18 years old and below 60 years old, he/ she has read, agreed and understood the above investment risks, and admits the conditions described in the client agreement.


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