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Million Tinkle

1. Download Customers’ Deposit Application

《Customers’ Deposit Application》

  • Before deposit, please contact with us to confirm the beneficiary bank.
  • After deposit, please fax the deposit receipt to our customer service so that we can confirm the deposit and record it.
    (When the depositor is inconsistent with the account holder, please fill in the Deposit Notice and sign and confirm the authenticity of the deposit.)
  • Email address and details of beneficiary bank are necessary.
2.  After finishing the table, please transfer the deposit receipt to customer agent (I/B)
3. After the confirmation of deposit amount, you will receive a Deposit Certificate by MTI through your email.

Beneficiary Bank

Beneficiary Name

Million Tinkle Gold Trader Limited

Beneficiary Bank

OCBC Wing Hang Bank Limited

Bank Account No.


Beneficiary Bank Address

161th Queen’s Road Central,Central, Hong Kong.

SWIFT code


  1. Deposit by account holder is allowed. For deposit by third party, please contact customer agent in advance.
  2. The currency type of transaction account is USD. For other currencies, please contact customer agent in advance.
* If you have any question, please contact online customer service


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