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Million Tinkle

The order quantity of minimum deposit requirement for trade account opening is 0.1 lot.

MTI strives for providing a low-cost online trading platform with comprehensive support service to maximize your trading profits.

Products Loco London Gold Loco London Silver
Contract size (Per lot) 100 ounces 5000 ounces
Minimum price fluctuation London Gold US$0.01 London Silver US$0.001
Order quantity
Minimum order quantity:
Maximum order quantity:
Gold/Silver Order quantity
0.1 Lot for each transaction;
20 lots for each transaction.
The total number of positions is no more than 200.
Spread US$0.5/ ounces US$0.04/ ounces
Initial margin requirement 2% US$2000/lot
Maintenance margin requirement 10% of initial margin
Maintenance margin requirement refers to the minimum account balance required to be held in the trade account during holding contracts. The system will execute margin call when maintenance margin reaches 10% of initial margin. In case of volatile market, maintenance margin may fall below 30% of initial margin after margin call. The difference is not reimbursed. However, the amount will be reimbursed to zero when maintenance margin becomes negative.
For hedging of 1 lot of Gold, only margin of US$1000 is required. However, when the net balance faSilver below used margin, no hedging can be executed.
Interest rate Buy:-1.5% ;Sell:-1.5%
Interest rate changes according to the market movement.
Unit of currency US dollar/ ounces
Minimum price of limit orders that vary from prevailing market price London Gold US$2/ ounces London Silver US$0.2/ ounces

1. All limit orders (including stop-loss orders and take-profit orders) are cancelled during holidays and weekends. If necessary, you may reset the limit orders on Mondays or the day after holidays.

2. As a gentle reminder, after setting up of limit/ stop-loss orders of Gold, under normal situation, the limit/ stop-loss orders will be frozen when the difference between the market price of Gold/Silver and the limit/ stop-loss orders is less than US$0.5/US$0.04 (subject to change according to market situation). Frozen orders cannot be manually settled, modified or cancelled. Therefore, when setting, modifying or cancelling orders, we recommend our client paying attention to the real-time quotes and make investment decisions based on the market situation.

3. Setting a limit may be greater than Gold: $2/oz Silver: $0.20/oz. when the market fluctuates violently;

Trading methods Online trading platform/ Phone trading
Trading hours Beijing Time 7:30a.m. on Monday to 4:00a.m. on Saturday
(closing at 6:00 in the morning and opening at 7:00 in the morning)
Settlement time Beijing Time 7:00a.m.

* The time difference between MT4 system and Beijing time is 6 hours.


Limit Order and Gap schedule
When the price is stable, the market price is the same as the entrusted price (namely, the customer's setting stop-profit, stop-loss or opening price), and the transaction is based on the entrusted price set by the customer.
When the price fluctuates violently, and if the market price is in a large gap in a volatile market and skipping over the entrusted price, the pending order will be sold at the next most favorable and executable price in the market.


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