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Million Tinkle

Trading Time

Hong Kong Time: Every Monday from 7:30 am to 4:00 am on Saturday

MT4 online platform orders

Customers can use the MT4 online trading platform to conduct various orders.  
Trading time: 24 hours (except closing time at the market).

Note 1: The settlement time of the platform is from 05:00 am – 05:15 am from Monday to Friday (DST), no transaction or limit processing is accepted.
Note 2: All new open orders pending orders will be automatically canceled after 05:00 am (DST) . Preset limit orders in the existing positions are not automatically canceled.
Note 3: If you have problems downloading MT4 trading platform, plug-ins, online connection, or managing your account, please contact IT Technical Support Department.
  Telephone orders:

Customer closing phone: 400-842-8068
What customers need to pay attention to is that when you close a position by phone, the information may not be displayed on your trading platform instantly because it will take about several minutes to manually input the relevant trading instructions by MTI Trading Center.

Note 1: The daily settlement time is from 05:00 am – 05:15 am (DST) from Monday to Friday.
Note 2: Before contacting the Trading Center, please prepare your trading account, telephone transaction password and account holder's name in order to facilitate the trader to verify your identity.
Note 3: The Trading Center only accepts closing orders. For other inquiries, please contact customer service or technical support.


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