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Tips for Marketing Situation after the FOMC Interest meeting
2019-03-20 11:02:33
Dear All Customers!
FOMC interest meeting result will be released at Peking local time(02:00)on the (21st March) Thursday morning !   Due to market volitality,  all limit orders will be cancelled three hours ahead at (23:00).  New limit orders requirement will be as follow:

#gold (10 US dollar)!
#silver (50 cents)!
#gold spread will widen to (1 US) dollar!

Please make sure your account have enough equity for own trading position.  Should you have further equiry, please feel free to contact customer hotline: 400-842-8419!
Please note (MTIL) reserves all rights of interpretation incase of any ambiguity!

Million Tinkle International Limited(MTIL)

19th  March  2019

(Responsible editor:MTI)


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