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Million Tinkle

Our company is registered with the Certificate of Incorporation and Business Registration Certificate issued by the Government of the HKSAR. Our Business Registration Certificate number is 1134735. You can search our company’s registration details via the Companies Registry of the Government of the HKSAR (

You can search the valid recognized membership of our company by visiting the official website of the Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society. You can first access to and select “Membership Affairs”. By selecting “Member List” and the one with blue icon, the valid membership of our company will be shown. Our company is a registered Loco London Gold / Silver electronic transaction member of the Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society (code: 136).

The Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society, founded in 1910, is the sole exchange in Hong Kong which trades gold and silver and provides electronic trades. Its nature, similar to the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited, is an independent exchange from the Government of the HKSAR. For more than one hundred years, The Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society has adhered to a stringent and effective set of rules to regulate the behaviors of its members. The Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society provides local and international inves

Million Tinkle International is a registered member of the Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society (code: 136). We provide legal Loco London Gold / Silver electronic trading platform. The trading platform operates stably, smoothly and rapid, and allows investors to capture efficient investment chance. Our customer service team is around-the-clock so that clients can enquire and handle all businesses at all times.

Loco London Gold, named as founded in London, is a kind of gold trade. Transaction is made in US dollars with contract unit of ounce (1 ounce is equal to approximately 31 gram). Its corresponding fineness of gold content is not less than 99.5%. No physically delivery of gold, becoming a most popular gold spot contract, saves processes of transportation and safekeeping. Daily turnover around the globe exceeds twenty thousand billion US dollars. It is an international mainstream over-the-counter gold trading market. Meanwhile, Loco London Silver is traded in the same way.

Safe Gold Bullion Limited provides Loco London Gold / Silver electronic trading platform. Clients can complete gold transaction and purchase or sell one from another with the hope of making a profit on computers.

With the characteristic of Loco London Gold in trading around-the-clock and two-way, you can benefit from both buying and selling unless you predict the correct price trend. As the market value of the globe for London Gold trading is huge, no corporations or individuals can manipulate the market and investors are provided with a fair trading environment.

The trading platform is simple to operate in order to civilize electronic trading. You can apply for a free demo account via customer service and login in the trading system to do simulated trading. Free demo account has identical data source, operation mode and window with the real account. Our customer service team provides support around-the-clock. If you have any questions during operation, please feel free to contact online customer service for inquiries.

It is totally free to open accounts at Safe Gold Bullion. The minimum margin for each lot requires 2% and the minimum number of contracts per quote is 0.1.

You can click “Trade Account Opening” at any page of our website. Upon reading through and agreeing the relevant agreements, you can fill in the information and bank details of the applicant. After completion, you will receive a confirmation email from Safe Gold Bullion. By clicking safe confirmation link and filling in final information, the application is completed. For details, please refer to : Introduction to Trade Account Opening.

You only have to login to “Account Management” and deposit via our CUP Online Deposit Platform conveniently. For details, please refer to .

please refer to:“Deposit Flowchart”

You only have to login to “Account Management” and submit a withdrawal application. For details, please refer to .

please refer to:“Withdrawal Flowchart”

The account is valid for 30 days.No transaction and business will be cancelled within 30 days.Reactivate call customer service 400 hotline.


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