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Million Tinkle

Dear Customers:
   Million Tinkle International Limited(hereinafter referred to as "MTI")is the platform for electronic gold and silver trading. Due to the characteristics of market transactions, there are certain risks in entering electronic transactions and losses may occur. Therefore, you must carefully read the following disclaimer and consider your own economic ability and suitability for trading. For your participating in the transaction, MTI should declare the following statements to you:
1. Customers must read and abide by the MTI trading rules carefully. If you fail to meet the requirements set forth in the trading rules, you will be liable for all losses incurred if losses arise.  
2. Due to the changes in national laws, regulations, policies, MTI business rules, and introduction of emergency measures, etc., the position order customer hold may not be able to continue to be held. All losses resulting from this will be your responsibility.  
3. Earthquakes, floods, fires and other force majeure factors may cause your trading orders to fail to be executed or cannot be completed, and you will bear all losses resulting therefrom.  
4. MTI shall not be responsible to the customers’ claims, losses and costs directly or indirectly because of claims, losses and fees (including attorney fees) caused by financial incidents, and any losses caused by civil disturbances, wars, rebellions, international interventions, government actions (including but not limited to foreign exchange controls, confiscation, nationalization, depreciation), natural disasters, market conditions, wrong transactions led by inability to communicate with the personnel concerned, or delays, disturbances and malfunctions of transmission, communication systems or computer systems or other issues (whether these systems are from MTI, any market or any delivery and settlement system).  
5. Please note that in the event of fluctuations in market, the market price gaps, and MTI may not be able to trade at the limit price specified by customers, the minimum transaction price may be the margin limit price.  
  6. There are (but not limited to) the following risks when trading on the Internet, and customer will be liable for the resulting losses.
6.1 The communication line between your trading terminal and the market fails, and the market is still trading normally. 
6.2 Because the Internet has its public nature, it is possible to occur transaction instructions breakup, delay, and data errors due to Internet data transmission and other reasons.
Meanwhile, due to the possibility of malicious attacks by hackers, Internet servers may also occur malfunction and other unpredictable factors, causing incorrect or delayed market information and other information. The interruption and loss of transaction data may occur due to the aforementioned accidents. After the transaction is restored, the valid data will be transaction data recorded by the electronic trading system before the malfunction.   
   7. The information provided by the market website is for reference only, and you should independently judge the trading strategy and be responsible for the trading decisions.
We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the special measures mentioned abovee. However, the above changes are necessary to ensure the protection of the rights and interests of our customers. For inquiries, please contact our customer service center at 400-842-8419. Unmentioned matters can be modified and supplemented according to market conditions. The final interpretation right belongs to MTI.  


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